Preferences for sexual health smartphone app features among gay and

For example, the Information System Research framework [ 27 ] could be used to guide the whole processes of app development as iterative cycles including designing, building, and evaluating. The expected content include: educational modules on HIV prevention and treatment [ Preferences for sexual health smartphone app features among gay and11 ]; integrate sex education and safer sex practices into different partner types for younger MSM [ 1213 ]; HIV testing plans, reminders, and information about testing site locations [ 814151617 ]; self -assessment and feedback of behavioral risks and symptoms [ 91416 ], information and screening for pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEP and post-exposure prophylaxis PEP [ 1016 ]; linkage to healthcare providers [ 1617 ]; communication with other users [ 1417 ]; commodity e.

On the other hand, participants thought that providing PEP information, might in some cases, increase risk taking behavior. This also suggests that information about PrEP can be included in an app to enhance knowledge, willingness, and linkage to PrEP.

PubMed Central Google Scholar 8. Just tell us the truth we need to know by using words everyone can understand. There would be lots of comments and gossips around them. PubMed Central Google Scholar Study procedures Those willing to participate in the interviews were screened for eligibility, consented, and appointments were made with eligible participants to complete the personal interviews.

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Data from 66 participants were excluded because they reported that they were having sexual contact only with their current romantic relationship partner. AIDS Care 23 : 25— Old Password. Second, this research only distinguished among app users and non-users and therefore cannot speak to how these apps stack up to other, more specific methods of meeting.

Search our journals. Many participants suggested the function of being able to check test results through the app. Instead of mainly focusing on behavioral change, this study highlighted the view that an HIV prevention app for MSM should be designed from an integrated framework addressing behavioral and psychosocial perspectives.

Preferences for sexual health smartphone app features among gay and

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